How to Create a YouTube Channel

Here I'm going to show you that how can you create a YouTube channel and I'll also help you to customize your full YouTube channel. If you have a Gmail account, Internet connection and laptop/computer or Mobile phone so, you can create a YouTube channel. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world billions of people uses the YouTube.
YouTube is Powered by Google. According to a information over 2 Billion logged-in uses visit YouTube every month and everyday people watch billion hours of video and 70% uses come from YouTube Mobile app and they generate billions of views. 500 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube channel every minute.

If you want to create a YouTube Channel to make money or for your businesses then this is a great idea because YouTube and Blogging is the best source of making money and also best source of grow their business through their videos.

Benefits Of Creating a YouTube Channel :

Before doing any work people wants to know their benefits. There are lots or reason and benefits to create a YouTube channel. Here I'm going to share some important and useful benefits.

• Someone said "Money can't buy happiness" but w"money anyone can't be happy". So, you can make a lot of money by creating a YouTube channel and doing proper work on it.

• If you have a business ( Both Big and Small ) and you want to grow your business so, YouTube can help you in better way. Because a proper and unique video can attract your customer.
Note : If you have money so, you can also sign up for Google Ads, it will help you to Target the real and unique customer.

• If you are starting a YouTube channel, you can connect with million of people through YouTube channel.

• If you are Creating a YouTube channel to make money then you can also get money from the other source like Affiliate Marketing, Promoting someone business, Promoting products and much more...

How to create a YouTube channel :

Note : Create a YouTube channel using your Gmail account and don't share it's password.
If you have a Google account ( Gmail Account ) so, you can like, comments and share YouTube videos and YouTube never Create a channel automatically.
Step 1. Go to and click on the Sign-In button on the top right corner of the page.
Step 2. Then login using your Google account ( Gmail Account ) you'd like to channel connected with.

Step 3. In the top right corner click on your profile picture and then click on Setting.
Step 4. In the setting you'll see the option to "Create a channel" and click on it.
Note : If you don't have a YouTube channel on your profile, then YouTube automatically open a pop-up window and click on the Create channel. This channel will be Created on your name.
To create a YouTube channel for make money or business Again follow the same step no. 3 and 4.

Step 5. After this you will get a new page to create a new channel, Create a brand channel and Enter your new YouTube channel name or business name. And click on Create button.
Congratulations! You've just Created a new YouTube channel.

Now you have to customize YouTube channel that you've created.

Customize YouTube Channel : 

After creating a YouTube channel you've to customize your channel because without customization you can't boost your channel or get traffic.

Step 1. Go to YouTube Channel and click on Customize Channel.
Fill all the information like
Description : Go to the about section and then click on the description and write down your description.
Links : Links is the most important for your YouTube channel, if you've added links in your YouTube channel then your Customer Or Subscriber can Easily follow you on other platform.
Email : don't forget to add email because it can help you to get businesses enquires (e.g. to promote someone product, to review or unboxing any products).
Location : In location don't forget to select your country.
On Home page you can see the two option for returning subscribers and for new visitors, don't forget to add your video which describe what type of content you are sharing on your channel.
Logo and Channel Art : Don't forget to add your channel logo and Channel Art, to add channel art go to Google and search or click here Create or Edit YouTube channel art.

Now go to Video manager and click on the Setting icon in the last of page (Left Corner). A pop-up window will be open
General : Select your currency or you can leave it default.
Channel : 
Basic Info : You can change your channel name (3 time in 90 days), and add your keywords on which your channel making video content.
Example : look in below screenshot.
Advance Setting : In advance Setting you can do Yourself because it is fully based on you and your channel. And don't forget to add your Google Ads I'd.
Branding : In branding section you can add your channel logo and you've to add your channel logo in .PNG format.
Upload Defaults :
Basic Info : If you'll add title, description and tags in this section then you don't have a add title all the time.
Note : It can harmful for your YouTube channel when you are uploading different video.
Advance Settings :
License : If you don't want to allow any Channel to copy your content/video then select Standard YouTube License. If you want to allow everyone to copy and upload your content on his youtube channel then select Creative Commons - Attribution.
Video Language : Select language in which you are making content and uploading on channel.
Category : Select a category in which describe your channel. And other you can leave it same.

Community : In this section you can do it yourself because their is nothing special to tell you.

Conclusion :

Above we discussed how to create a YouTube Channel and also discussed how to Customize youtube channel. If you are Creating a YouTube channel then it is good idea to make money or boost your business.

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