15 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home

Are you searching for the way to earn money online from home ?
Internet taking over a large part of lives, million of people are searching ways to earn money online to increase their financial condition. Before 15 years ago it was only a thought to make money online from home but now million of people are earning online from home.

Did you try to earn money from home and didn't success ?
It is because of some people are making fake website to attract more people by saying they can help you to make money online from home. And in these days there are also fake website. If you are looking for real ways So, you need not to worry.
Because here I'm going to show to best and most popular ways that millions of people are using and many people are joining it. There is also many ways that can help you to earn $1000+ per month and some people are making $500+ per day.

Here are some online platform, resources, website that can help you to earn money online without investment.

Benefits of Earn Money Online :

If you are reading this post only for knowledge not for making money online from home or if you are thinking why you should do this ? so, here are the some reason you should read
• You can pay your school or college fees, I know you are thinking how can you make lot of money online then answer is if you are doing hard and smart work then you can easily earn lot of money from home.
• You can pay your mobile recharge, WiFi recharge and other recharges.
• You can collect lot of knowledge about earning money online.
• You can share your knowledge with your friends and other.
• You can take time to your family and friends.

15+ Ways to Earn Money Online

Now, I'm going to share ways to earn money online from home. Here I'll suggest you to choose any way in which you are really interested because your interest can boost you confidence to do your work.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money online after Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. There are several ways website which offers freelancing task for people with skills. You need to just create a account and choose tasks according to your interest and skills. Some website offers you to create a personal listing with the details of your skills and interest and if you are doing your work properly then some Clients can contact you directly. Here are some Websites that can help you. You can make $500 to $1500 per month depending on type to freelancer jobs.
You can work here as a web designer, writing, SEO (search engine optimization) and much more.
There are some most and popular freelancing Websites for you to start your freelancing work, upwork.comFreelancer.inworknhire.comOutfiverr.com etc.

2. Earn Money From Blogging

Blogging is most popular way to earn money online by writing post on your own blog. If you are searching any thing on Internet then your answer will be provided by website or blog.
Blogging is most trusted way to make money online but it is little hard for new blogger, because there are many steps to earn money from Blogging.
This is free or not, because Blogger.com is the free platform to create blog and earn Money but here you have to buy domain to start making money from your blog. If you are not using any domain so it will be free, if you want to buy domain the go to GoDaddy.com.

You can make $100 - $1000+ every month from Blogging, many professional are making $1000 per day by Blogging.

3. Make Money With YouTube

Did you listen to earn money with YouTube from your friends or other people, if yes then they are right because you can make money through YouTube by uploading video on YouTube.
YouTube is the free platform to create Channel, On YouTube you need not to pay anything to someone because youtube is totally free for everyone.
Before starting a YouTube channel you should read YouTube Privacy Policy
You can make $1000+ from YouTube depending on your YouTube channel views, If you have lot of subscribers then some company can contact you to promote their products from YouTube channel, as a result you can ask for money from them.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Once your blog is standing up then you can use affiliate marketing to make lot of money.
If you don't have any blog or youtube channel and you are hard working guy who want to earn money online then you should try affiliate marketing, in affiliate marketing you have a Create a account on shopping and other websites and you have to promote their products, if someone buy any products from your affiliate link then you'll get commission on the products.
You can promote unlimited products there are no limits and there are no limits to make money from affiliate marketing. Here are some most trusted Websites to earn money online from affiliate marketing Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, CJ (Commission Junction) and much more.
You can also create Affiliate Marketing website if you have knowledge, in affiliate marketing you are helping people to buy right products at low cost. If you have Facebook Page or Instagram Account in which you have lots of followers so, you don't have to do hard work.

5. Captcha Solver

If you have free time about 2-3 hours in a day then you can earn Money by solving captcha. It is easy way because you don't have to do hard work in this field but if you want to make more then you have to solve captcha quickly.
This is easiest way to make money online because you have to read some text and write down quickly, if you are doing it very fast then you can make lot of money.
You can earn $2 - $3 by solving 1000 captcha, I know you are thinking they are paying very low but remember this is most easy way.

These are some Websites Kokotibablo, CaptchaTypers, Captcha2Cash Etc.

6. Writing Job

Writing Job is another way to make money online by writing different type of content for any website.
You can write content for any website, blog, companies etc. Different type of Writer get paid different type of sources.
You can earn money online by writing Job when you are a fast at typing and have knowledge about all topics (you can also get ideas from Internet).
If you want to do these job so you should go try these websites to get your writing Job iwriter.com, freelancewriting, TextBroker etc.

7. Become A Seller (Online)

Online selling is not easy but you can sell products all over the world, I said it is not easy because this is the most popular way to earn money online, million of people are selling their own products to make money online.

There are two way to sell online.

First way, If you have your own website or youtube channel or anything in which you have lots of people (Followers) or anything so, you can sell your own products on your website or blog.
If you don't have any website or lots for followers so, you can sell your products on Amazon Seller or Flipkart etc.

If you don't have any products so, you can try affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online by Promoting Amazon or Flipkart products. So, if you want to become a affiliate marketer so, go to Amazon or Flipkart and sign-up for affiliate program (you can sign-up on both). After Creating a free affiliate account search any product and copy the product link and share everywhere on social media. If you have blog or website then you can add link on it. If someone buy any products from your link then you'll get commission on these products.

8. Sell Photos

This is the great way to earn money by selling your photos online, You can take high quality photos of people, nature, forest, bird, animal etc. And sell them online.
If someone interested in your photos and want to buy your photos then you'll get paid the price you fixed.
There are some popular website to sell your photos online to earn Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStockPhoto etc. Here you can submit your photos by Creating a account.

9. Earn Money From Smartphone

If you want to earn money from your smartphone then you can also try YouTube and Blogging (Read 2 and 3) but it take some time to start earning.
You can start earning by completing simple tasks on your smartphone.
You have to complete some tasks, app installs, sign-up on other websites, downloading apps, inviting friends etc.

Here are some apps that can help you to start earning Ibotta, Shopkick, Cash pirate, Google Opinion Rewards Etc.

10. Stock and Forex Trading

Stock and Forex Trading is very hard for those people who don't have good knowledge of the market.
If you want to earn Money from stock and Forex Trading so, you should try some course available on Internet, some course are free and some paid.
If you want to join it so, I'll suggest you to read news paper like Economic times, watch TV channels like CNBC to get knowledge and become expert in this field.
Note : It is very risky to enter in this field without knowledge.

11. Online Surveys

Online surveys is another way to make money in some time like 10 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the requirement of the survey.
My company want to improve their products quality that's why they contact Survey's website to take feedback to improve their products quality. You just need to write your opinion about the product or website in survey. You have to just select your choice from the questions.
You can make $1 to $25 depending on the length of survey and your country in which you are living.

Here are the some popular Websites to start your survey to earn money online Ysense, PrizeRebel, OpinionWorld, GlobalTestMarket, Amazon Survey Etc.

12. Assistance (Virtual)

Assistance is the best way to earn money online by guiding someone without being physical present.
Here are the some tasks in Assistance writing, marketing, coding, app and website development, research and taking care of website.
Here are the some companies to do work HireMyMom, MyTasker, Zirtual Etc.

13. Micro Working (Part Time Job)

Micro working is best way to do part time job, if you don't have enough time to do work anywhere so, you can try because there are several ways to earn extra money after your work. You can make easily $150 to $300 per month by completing different tasks of different websites.
These are the some tasks to do on those websites like identify object, commenting, liking, sharing, finding contact details, doing some small research and much more.
There are many popular and best websites to do micro work mTurk, MicroWorker, SEO Clerk, click worker Etc.

14. Domain Trader

Domain Trader is also a best and popular way to earn money online but it is little difficult and risky for those who are not expert in domain Trader and also need some investment in it.
You can buy domain from GoDaddy or other domain registration site for less then $10 and sell in future to needy person for $100+ 
If you buy domain on any company name and the company can't find any domain so, they'll contact you to buy the domain. The price is in your control.
Note : If you don't know a word about this so, I'll suggest you to don't do this.

15. Website Flipping

Website flipping is also a best business like domain Trader to earn money online, Here you need not to deal with domain but Websites.
If want to start this business so, have to work on a website or blog for a time until you start earning.
It is hard work to rank a new blog or website then old. That's why many people buy a old blog or website.
If you started earning for 2 or 3 months from your website and getting good traffic so, you can put your website or blog on sell. You can get 10-20 times price of your monthly earning.

Here are the some websites to sell your blog or website EmpireFlippers, Flippa etc.

Note : I'll suggest you to start multiple websites or blog because some times it can take a long time to sell your blog or website.

Conclusion :

There are 15 ways to earn money online. Here I'll suggest you to choose a way according to your interest. If I forget any way to make money online from home so, just Comment below we'll update it later.

Don't be cheap to share this useful post with your friends and family.

Thank You.

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  1. sir explain how to become seller online ?

    1. Hey, If you want to be a online seller then you must have quality products.

      If you have products and you want to sell.

      There are 2 ways to become a seller

      1. You can create your own E-commerce site to sell your products.

      2. You can also use Amazon or Flipkart to sell your products and there are also many websites.